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Kanji to Romaji Converter v1.1

A little update for the “kanji to romaji converter” app I wrote earlier. It now can convert the kanji text to hiragana (katakana is left as is). As the previous version, it’s based on the engine, so the styling of the output is theirs.
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jrock band logos banner generator

so, I’ve decided to do a spinoff of h3xStream’s band logos banner for myself, though everyone is welcome to use it on their profile/site aswell. there’s no limit of badges generated (though I’ll add that in the future with the option of deleting the unused ones). my banner generator is transparent-only – i.e. a png with transparency. I’ve made it support any color, though for now I’m limiting the support to classic black, white and gray. please post here suggestions and links to band sites if they’re not in the list yet (so I could extract the logos).

the full list:
the generator:

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