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Kanji to Romaji Converter v1.1

A little update for the “kanji to romaji converter” app I wrote earlier. It now can convert the kanji text to hiragana (katakana is left as is). As the previous version, it’s based on the engine, so the styling of the output is theirs.
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Kanji to Romaji Converter

I’m lazy… really lazy. So, to stop keeping a tab of opened each time I start my browser – I wrote a little app in AIR to ease me the trouble. The app is absolutely free and will work till dies or changes their layout and API ( *`ω´) till then – feel free to use it as you wish (I use it for my Japanese lessons). Note that may not be that accurate and the output looks scary, but it’s still the best kanji to romaji service I managed to find on the interwebs.
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