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Note: this is a WinterBoard theme. There are tons of tutorials on how to install them

I really love Georgia as my reading font and thus when Reeder for iPhone didn’t provide me a choice I decided to fix it myself. A short trial-and-error session with WinterBoard helped to gasp its absolute power and here it is: the Georgia fix anyone can use to read the articles in Reeder with serif fonts.

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Kanji to Romaji Converter v1.1

A little update for the “kanji to romaji converter” app I wrote earlier. It now can convert the kanji text to hiragana (katakana is left as is). As the previous version, it’s based on the engine, so the styling of the output is theirs.
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Kanji to Romaji Converter

I’m lazy… really lazy. So, to stop keeping a tab of opened each time I start my browser – I wrote a little app in AIR to ease me the trouble. The app is absolutely free and will work till dies or changes their layout and API ( *`ω´) till then – feel free to use it as you wish (I use it for my Japanese lessons). Note that may not be that accurate and the output looks scary, but it’s still the best kanji to romaji service I managed to find on the interwebs.
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Hayate no Gotoku OP or “when I learned to use petals in karafx”

Show: Hayate the Combat Butler/Hayate no Gotoku
Group: Static-Subs & Eclipse Fansubs
Title: Hayate no Gotoku
Performer: KOTOKO

Comment: This is my one of my most famous (or so my naivete says) karaoke effects. The spinning petals were inspired by DeathWolf’s work on the logo (you can see it in the video) and the transition effect was a random discovery of randomly rotated letters. This thing was done in the times of automation 3 in plain lua (learning the templates is PITA).

P.S. there’s the first ending song of Hayate no Gotoku on my vimeo profile. located here: Hayate no Gotoku ED. It’s a miscut from the mkv encode. I’ll reupload it properly this week. It was my first attempt to use particles in a karaoke fx.

Hayate no Gotoku OP from d4rkie on Vimeo.

jrock band logos banner generator

so, I’ve decided to do a spinoff of h3xStream’s band logos banner for myself, though everyone is welcome to use it on their profile/site aswell. there’s no limit of badges generated (though I’ll add that in the future with the option of deleting the unused ones). my banner generator is transparent-only – i.e. a png with transparency. I’ve made it support any color, though for now I’m limiting the support to classic black, white and gray. please post here suggestions and links to band sites if they’re not in the list yet (so I could extract the logos).

the full list:
the generator:

アマガミSS OP

Show: Amagami SS/アマガミSS (ANN, main site)
Group: Eclipse Fansubs
Title: i Love
Performer: azusa (site, blog, twitter)
Buy: CDJapan

Comment: This is my first karaoke fx using the Bauhaus 93 font which comes with the standard MS Office installation – always wanted to use it in a karafx.
Tools: Aegisub 2.0.8 (Windows) + automation 4.0 + plain lua

アマガミSS OP from d4rkie on Vimeo.

example of my karaoke found by lurking on internets

here’s an example of my particled karafx I found on vimeo while searching for videos with my nickname on them. I’ll upload some of my iconic ones during the week ^__^;

Tegami Bachi – Letter Bee Opening from Luffy on Vimeo.

ファンサブとファンサバー (fansub and fansubbers)

Disclaimer: This was an essay I wrote for a speech contest. In fact my first big all-japanese text.





ファンサビングの過程はかなり組織化されます。 ファンサバーは「ファンサブグループ」というチームを作ります。二つのタイプのグループがあります。スピードサブとクオリティサブです。現在の早いインターネットでクオリティサブはスピードサブの速度を実現できます。






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